House in Terneuzem

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We have finished our first international project. It is a house for a familly in Terneuzem, Netherlands.

From Vigo we have made the draft and the Dutch study “Architectuurstudio Breda” was responsible for its development to comply with the rules of the Netherlands.

The design sought to create a volume that could be able to make the place better. We worked with a L scheme closing an interior patio. We think about it as the place to prolong the familly life.

Vista exterior

View of the courtyard created inside the plot

On the ground floor we place the day block, the living room and kitchen, glued to the street, access, garage and on the other hand, facing the courtyard, a room / study.

On the top floor there are three bedrooms with a bathroom. We have placed the master bedroom over the entry so there will be a terrace over the kitchen.

Alzado Oeste

Street facade, on the ground below from left to right, the garage, the entrance, the kitchen and the living room. Upstairs the master bedroom with its terrace.


Interior view of the space that will serve as a kitchen-dining-living room that can be opened to the courtyard

Alzado Sur

Another view of the assembly with the volume of two floors facing south which contains the most private areas of the house.

The house is built with a wood frame system assembled on site. The facades are white brick and wood in a combination that uses the windows lines.